Board of Directors

As a master limited partnership, Williams Partners has no directors or officers. Instead, the partnership’s general partner, Williams Partners GP LLC, manages all operations and activities. The listing below is for the directors of Williams Partners GP LLC. Except for the noted external directors, all directors are also senior officers of Williams, which owns Williams Partners GP LLC. The following is a list of the Williams Partners board of directors.
Alan Armstrong
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

H. Brent Austin
External Director, Member of Audit and Conflicts Committee
Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Alsamora L.P.

Donald R. Chappel
Chief Financial Officer

Rory Miller

Senior Vice President, Midstream

Alice M. Peterson
External Director, Member of Audit and Conflicts Committee
Special Advisor, SAI Global

James E. Scheel
Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategic Development
Laura A. Sugg
External Director, Member of Audit Committee
Former Senior Executive, ConocoPhillips

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